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Site of Adventures/Miles

Friday, July 8, 2011

Beer Mile!

July 8th marked the Annual Cascadia Beer Mile Championships at an unnamed location. What is significant about this event is that it was my debut Beer Mile. Given the fact that I successfully completed the Bicentennial (100 beers/100 miles) in 6 days, some running friends were curious as to my beer mile potential. Well, I have a dirty little secret.....I can't chug to save my life. Though lack of a gag reflex and cast iron stomach did come through to help me in a big way.

My beer of choice was 1 PBR and 3 Copper Bell Lagers (Whole Foods brand, cheap). The catch here is that I don't know if they comply with official Kingston Rules ( as I don't know what the %ABV of my beers was, officially speaking. I think the PBR does, though I can't find official note of that. Anyway, I was doing this for the experience. Next time I will have beers that do comply.

My time was 7:48, with a 66s last lap, which is a pretty solid debut. Like I said, I can run with damn near anything sloshing around in my stomach but I can't chug. Obviously, I lost the most time chugging, but would pass people running who had passed me chugging. With a little more practice, I feel like I could challenge the 7:00 barrier.

Quite an experience. I encourage everyone to either witness or participate in one at some point because they are pretty unique experiences!

Shake, Shake, Shake It Up!

Technically I'm supposed to have a 2-hr break between Microbiology lecture and Soft Tissue lab on Fridays. However, I think I'll be skipping the 1-hr Micro lecture in favor of doing a tempo run in the morning.

Anyway, today I rolled out solo and did just a tune-up type workout. The goal was to run quickly, comfortably, and get used to turning over again. I settled on 8x400 w/ 2 min recoveries and aimed to run no slower than my first one. It all went pretty well, mostly owing to the cool temps and general lack of strong wind that usually possesses the track at Portland Christian School. I ran no slower than 69s, which was my first one, so I met my arbitrary goal!

15 min warm up, drills, and 4 strides
69.1/67.4/67.0/67.6/67.5/66.4/67.4/65.1 average = 67.2, really pleased with how relaxed this felt!
15 min cool down, stretching, coolish shower


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Found My Legs

Today was not nearly as bad as the other two days of running, most likely owing to the fact that I am getting used to running again. The run consisted of an easy 4 miles w/ Otto around Glendoveer in 27:30 again, this time I added strides and some pullups, so that was fun. No arms/abs today though.

Get used to the Glendoveer loops w/ Otto, they'll be a mainstay of my easy days I'm sure.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Four And Done

Owing to the fact that I only have 4 hours of class today (8:30-12:30), I think Wednesdays will become my interval workout days. It'll be glorious to work out in the middle of the day when it's warm out. Hopefully the wind won't be too much of an issue. Though Lincoln HS in downtown Portland won't be the shit show it is during the spring track season.

Today I just ran another easy 4 miles w/ Otto around Glendoveer in 27:30. Did arms/abs but no strides, which was probably just fine.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Old Grad School Try

So I'm going to give this thing a try again. Hopefully I'll be more committed to it this time around.

Anyway, today was the first day of my 4th quarter of chiropractic school. I ran 4 miles in 27:15 with Otto around Glendoveer golf course. I did some strides on a grass field on the way back to school and then some arm/ab work back at school.

I am too fat from my time off over break to run shirtless, even though it's kinda warm out. Oh well, such is the price we pay when we're used to eating 5000+ calories/day, stop working out and keep caloric intake high.

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