Site of Adventures/Miles

Site of Adventures/Miles

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Salmon River

I couldn't pass up a chance to sleep on the ground, rain or no rain, so I went camping with some BAC folks. We ran about 40 min on the Salmon River trail and a little on road too. I could've done some pullups in nature, but decided to keep it at 72 for the week. I'm gonna call it 5.5 on the trails, even though it felt pretty quick.

Miles: 5.5 for the day/42 for the week
Pullups: 0 for the day/72 for the week

Friday, July 15, 2011

Morning Festivities

Due to a class cancellation, I didn't have to be at school until 10:30, so I made the most of my time. I woke up and ran a workout at Cleveland HS, near my house. The workout was a little quicker paced this time around and not as much volume. It was 4x200 w/ 200j, 3x1000 w/ 2 min j, 2x400 w/ 400j. The goal paces were 34-3:07-69. Because of the expected paces I spiked up for this one, in hopes that it would feel easier.

15 min warm up, drills, 4xstrides
15:30 cool down, stretching

I was really happy with this one as well. Part of me was a little concerned given that I started my warm up at 7AM and it can be hard to run fast first thing in the morning. The 3x1000 was the real meat of the workout and I ran that particularly well and was very consistent in my splits. Overall I'm happy with how everything is feeling and there's not much better than getting your workout done before 9AM!

Miles: 8 for the day/36.5 for the week
Pullups: 6 for the day/72 for the week. At least I'm still ahead!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Double Down

Today I ran twice, known as "doubling" in the world of distance running. The idea is to try and squeeze in a few more miles, if you've got the time. My double consisted of running about 5.5 miles in the morning in 38:00, then running another 4 in 28:00 in the afternoon with Otto around Glendoveer. My morning run took me to the Rose Quarter TC to catch the train out to school. It's a lot of fun when you can see the train coming over the Steel Bridge and know that if you hammer you could probably catch it in time. Once I even did the sideways slide into the train as it was departing, with some great looks from the passengers.

Miles: 9.5 for the day/28.5 for the week
Pullups: 6 for the day/66 for the week

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Did A Workout!

The abbreviated 5K training plan I am following called for 3x2 mile w/ 2 min recovery or 6xMile w/ 1 min recovery. In actuality I ran 2x2 mile, 1xMile. Owing to this being the first real workout of the season (last Friday was mostly for sanity) and considering that I'm starting the plan on week 22 of 24 and it assumes you ran the first 22 weeks, I don't feel bad about cutting it a little short.

The goal was to run these at T pace (close to half marathon pace), which for me is 5:28/mile based on current race results. Without really knowing what to expect I dove in headfirst!

Summary: Warm up-2 mile-2 min-2mile-2 min-Mile-cool down
15 min jogging, drills, strides
10:52/10:50/5:20 = 27:02 5 miles, 5:24 average
15 min jogging, stretching, showering.

I was pretty happy with how everything felt. I decided to cut it short when I started to feel some sharp pain in my left hamstring, figuring that discretion is the better part of valor. Opening up in 5:20 really didn't feel that challenging, even with fairly windy conditions. Forgot just how good it feels to run hard and steady like this. The feeling after is like nothing else in running!

Miles: 9 for the day/19 for the week
Pullups: 18 for the day/60 for the week

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Less Class, More Pullups

Somehow I missed the memo that we didn't have Microbiology lab until week 5. I think it is baby related. Anyway, I ended up with less class than anticipated which is always nice.

Today I ran a solo 6 miles around Glendoveer in 40 min even, did 18 pullups, and broke a watch strap. It was a great day for running being all coolish and cloudy. Tomorrow my 3 week buildup to the BAC 5k begins!

Miles: 6 for the day/10 for the week
Pullups: 18 for the day/42 for the week

Monday, July 11, 2011

One Pullup per Mile

So my new challenge to myself is going to include performing at least one pullup for every mile I run that day. Now I know what y'all are thinking, "4 pullups is not all that hard!" and y'all are right, 4 pullups are not all that hard. In fact, I can do 6 of them! What's going to make it hard is trying to keep ahead of the game as my mileage starts increasing. I figure it'll be a fun way to incorporate some upper body strength into my pretty dull routine of looping Glendoveer with Otto and sitting in class. Which is exactly what I did today.

4 miles, 24 pullups for the day. I did more to make up for not running Sat/Sun.
4 miles, 24 pullups for the week.