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Site of Adventures/Miles

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Workin' It Out

Because I'm running the BAC 5k this Saturday I decided to squeeze in a workout Tuesday in hopes that an extra day between workout and race would be beneficial. Plus, it was mostly threshold running which can be beneficial even if you're tired. The workout was 4x1600 w/2 min recovery, then 4x200 w/ 200j recovery. Goal paces were 5:20-:25 for the 1600s and :34 for the 200s. I opted to workout at Portland Christian so that I could still study a little bit for my Physiology test after.

2 miles warm up, drills, 4xstrides
2 miles cool down, stretching, cold shower (yeah, you wanted to know that)

This workout went very, very well. I never was out of control and really only pushed hard the last 800 of the last repeat. Considering it was fairly windy (as usual) I wasn't surprised by the 200s. But the miles felt really easy. I was just relaxing and letting everything flow, I guess I gained some strength from Ragnar!

Miles: 8.5 for the day/12.5 for the week
Pullups: 0 for the day/28 for the week

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