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Site of Adventures/Miles

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Double Up

With Wednesdays being short, I like to run twice! Though I have discovered that I can make it school with shower time to spare even leaving my house at 6:45AM, which means I can run in the mornings. Next week I am hoping to start implementing this practice with 4 miles easy and progressing to 5 miles easy, which will aid in my mileage chasing goals.

Well, today I did 2 laps of Glendoveer; one in the morning, solo and one after my phys test with Otto. Went 27:50 in the morning and 27:40 in the afternoon, though the afternoon was much much easier.

Miles: 8 for the day/20.5 for the week
Pullups: 12 for the day/40 for the week

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